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Aloe microstigma - 4in

Aloe microstigma - 4in

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Aloe microstigma is a very attractive and relatively common South African species with lots of speckles of leaves and wonderful leaf as well as flower colors. One of the most floriferous Aloes in South Africa, Aloe microstigma is a medium size, easy, relatively fast growing plant, tolerating summer watering and some shade, as well as poor soils.

This plant is a beautiful aloe which usually produces two or three profuse, flower spikes simultaneously in early winter. From it's rosette Aloe microstigma produces several unbranched (simple) inflorescences up to 3 feet (90 cm) tall. 

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This plant has been grown in a 4" pot (recently upsized). You will receive a very similar plant to the one in the picture. The plant is shipped "semi-dry-root" (with some dirt to help protect roots).

Current Height: 3 in

Container Size: 4in

USDA Zones: 9b - 11

Frost Tenderness: 23 °F

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