Expanding Capacity at the Greenhouse

Expanding Capacity at the Greenhouse

We have been busy at our greenhouse in Halfmoon Bay, Ca. As plants grow and we add a great variety of product there's a need for more room.

constructing nursery tables

Much of the material we used for these tables is "found" which explains their ad hoc appearance.

constructing nursery tables

This facility was originally set up for hydroponics several years ago. The white Styrofoam sheets are "lettuce rafts" which make nice, light weight table tops.

new greenhouse nursery tables loaded with plant trays

Each of these tables will end up about 40+ feet in length.

nursery table holding mudflats of ground cover

Each table is wide enough to hold three trays as can be seen above with the "mud flats" growing a variety of sedum.

Aloe kedongensis growing in a plant nursery

Even these larger pots of Aloe kedongensis can rest safely on the new tables.

We will keep expanding over the rest of year to accommodate our plans - after all growing lots of plants takes lots of room!

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