The Resilient Garden

Welcome to the wild, untamed world of low water gardening. Our store offers a collection of plants that have survived and thrived in the harshest of conditions. These plants are not for the faint of heart, they are for those who want to push the boundaries and create a garden that is truly unique. A garden that will stand the test of time, a garden that will survive and thrive, even in the face of drought and adversity. We are the ultimate destination for those who seek to create a garden that is both beautiful and resilient, a true reflection of the unbridled spirit of the wild.

"The plants we offer, They are the stuff of legends, of myths, of fables. They are the stuff of adversity." - Colonel Walter E. Kurtz

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"Ah, my dear friend, are you in search of a plant that... 


"Embark on a botanical adventure with our Agave collection. These low-maintenance plants... 

  • Branching Aloes

    Somewhere between a small tree and a large shrub in size - branching Aloes can make excellent backgrounds or serve as a living fence.

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  • Spineless Agaves

    Get the relative toughness of an agave without all the pokey bits. great for use closer to a walkways.

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  • Focal Point Plants

    Used in garden design to draw and direct the eye. They act as a visual
    starting point before viewers take in the finer points of your garden.

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