The Resilient Garden

Welcome to the world of low water gardening. Our store offers a collection of plants that have survived and thrived in harsh conditions. If you would like to create a garden that is both beautiful and resilient - you've come to the right place.


In search of a plant that exudes a sense of mystery and... 


Embark on a botanical adventure with our Agave collection. These low-maintenance plants... 

  • Branching Aloes

    Somewhere between a small tree and a large shrub in size - branching Aloes can make excellent backgrounds or serve as a living fence.

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  • Spineless Agaves

    Get the relative toughness of an agave without all the pokey bits. great for use closer to a walkways.

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  • Focal Point Plants

    Used in garden design to draw and direct the eye. They act as a visual
    starting point before viewers take in the finer points of your garden.

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