Collection: Tree Aloes

Tree Aloes, also known as arborescent Aloes, are a captivating group of succulent plants native to various regions of Africa, thriving in arid and semi-arid climates. These unique plants are characterized by their tree-like growth habit, with thick, succulent leaves arranged in rosettes at the end of branching trunks. Species such as Aloe dichotoma (Quiver Tree) , Aloe tongaenesis and Aloe barberae can reach impressive heights, with some specimens growing over 30 feet tall. One of their most striking features is the emergence of tall flower spikes adorned with tubular, brightly colored flowers, adding to their ornamental appeal. Tree Aloes are well adapted to withstand drought and prefer full sun and well-draining soil, making them relatively low-maintenance additions to gardens and landscapes. Beyond their aesthetic value, these plants hold cultural significance in certain African communities, often utilized for medicinal purposes. With their resilience, diversity of species, and architectural beauty, Tree Aloes are prized additions to any landscape, whether grown as focal points or container specimens.