Elevate Your Design with Rare Finds

At Dry Oasis Plants, we understand the challenges faced by garden designers in sourcing distinctive plants for their projects. Our collection boasts a diverse range of mature Aloe and Agave specimens, ready to add character and beauty to your designs. But that's not all—we specialize in assisting designers like you with:

1. Expert Advice on Uncommon Plants

Uncover the potential of uncommon plants that can transform your dry garden into a masterpiece. We can help guide you towards unique and lesser-known species, ensuring your designs stand out.

2. Plant Sourcing Simplified

Tired of the search for elusive plants? We're your reliable source for harder-to-find specimens. From rare succulents to dry landscape favorites, our nursery is dedicated to simplifying your plant sourcing journey.

3. Collaborative Design Partnership

Experience a collaborative approach to design. We're more than a nursery; we're your partners in creating landscapes that leave a lasting impression. Let's work together to bring your vision to life.

4. Timely Delivery and Logistics

Concerned about project timelines? We ensure timely delivery of mature plants, keeping your projects on track.

5. Trade Discount

As a garden design professional you can save 15% on your order.

Visit our wholesale location to explore our collection and turn your design visions into reality. Dry Oasis Plants—where rare finds meet expert guidance for exceptional designs. Stop by today and let's create something extraordinary!"

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mature landscape aloe ready for the gardenspecimen agave plant for the garden


Growing grounds are located in Halfmoon Bay, CA