Arrived! New plant plant liners for Oct, 2023

Arrived! New plant plant liners for Oct, 2023

Ordering "plant liners" (also known as "plugs") from a third party grower can save several months of growing time. Plant liners are young plants meant for further growing before they are sold for use in the landscape.

Here's a sneak peek at what just arrived!

Dyckia "Brittle Star"

This Dyckia hybrid has deep purple-black, thick, thorny leaves which are tinged with contrasting bright silver. Will tend to clump leading to large mats or growth.

Eventually the above plant liner will grow into a shape like the below:

Many Dyckia "Brittle Star" in four inch pots


Aloe capitata "Yellow Hoodie"

Aloe capitata plug tray

A very attractive stemless deep blue-green aloe from Madagascar with incredible helmet-like yellow flowers in winter.

Aloe capitata mature plant in ground

Aloe "Moon Glow"

Aloe "Moon Glow" plug tray

A medium size Aloe, mostly single stem, which is a prolific bloomer putting up multiple inflorescence of pale yellow flowers.


Aloe "Moon Glow" mature plant in ground


All of these plants will be grown on to a larger size and available this upcoming Spring - or sold as "plugs" at a discount before that time. Order yours now and grow them your self in a small space like a kitchen window or wait until later.



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