New Plants!

New Plants!

We received lots of new plants this week!

First up are several trays of young plant liners ( laid out on the kitchen table ):

Not all plant liners shown above came at the same price - some are more expensive because of licensing or perhaps because of difficulty to grow. To be honest I'm not sure why :) Below are two of the more expensive plants.

Aloe Hercules


Aloe dichotoma


Some of these we have grown before and some are new to the nursery.

Agave "Green Glow"



Agave bracteosa "Mateo"


Aloe dorothea "Crimson"


Aloe rubroviolacea "Violet"


From another supplier we received a bunch more beautiful plants.

Aloe munchii

Aloe munchii


Aloe "Erik the Red"


Agave pumila

Agave pumila


Aloe castilloniae


 Multiple Aloe "Zanzibar" in 1ga containers

Aloe "Zanzibar"


Gasteraloe "Midnight" in 4in pot

Gasteraloe "Midnight"


With the exception of some of the liners - these and more are for sale today.

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