New Plants for a New Year

New Plants for a New Year

As the year ends a new Spring season is just a quarter away which means a new crop of young plants are growing at the nursery. Here's a few of the new pl

Aloe "Moonglow"

Above: Aloe "Moonglow" recently upgraded to 4in pots. Their larger 2ga siblings are in the background.


aloe vanbalenii in 4in pots

An assortment of young Aloe vanbalenii sizes.


trays of young aloe and agave

 Lots of young plants grown from seed and bought as plugs.


Aloe thraskii

Seed grown Aloe thraskii


Aloe speciosa

Aloe speciosa making a comeback for 2024!


Young Aloe striata


Aloe striata 1ga

Lots of 1ga Coral Aloes! These were started from seed ~15 months ago.


Aloe tomentosa

Aloe tomentosa plugs


Aloe "Lavender"


"Tangerine" Aloe

Aloe "Tangerine"


and much more!

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