New plants just arrived!

New plants just arrived!

We received another shipment of "plugs" (young plants ready to be grown on in larger containers) this week. There is always some anticipation when unboxing new plants and this time of year it feels like a Christmas present. These should be ready at a 4" container size in late Spring 2023 to Early Summer 2023.


Agave titanota "Black and Blue"

Agave titanota "Black and Blue"

Cold hardy to freezing temperatures with magnificent markings and blue foliage. Hardy yet beautiful. Perfect for landscape and patio pots.


Aloe chabaudi "Orange"

Aloe chabaudii "Orange"

An easy-to-grow, clustering perennial succulent that forms large colonies of gently spreading, turquoise green rosettes. It is a robust, attractive, generally stemless, fast growing aloe with very showy flowers in winter.


Aloe "Cynthia Giddy"

Aloe "Cynthia Giddy" plugs

An attractive, clumping, spotted aloe hybrid which undergoes dramatic color changes in response to sun, drought or cold stress. This Aloe is medium-sized and forma numerous rosettes to 2 feet tall with dark green white-spotted leaves that have bronze to deep maroon depending upon conditions. 'Cynthia Giddy' also flowers much of the year, from summer to winter and it is a good, relatively hardy landscape plant.

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