Sneak Peak: What's growing for Spring 2023

Sneak Peak: What's growing for Spring 2023

Aloe, Agave and their succulent cousins can take a long time to grow to a sell-able size which makes starting many months in advance a necessity! Below are in-progress shots of new plants that will be available Spring of 2023. Over the next five months these baby plants will grow several times in size.

Agave xyonlacantha "Blue"

Agave xylonacantha is also known as the "Saw Leaf Agave" because of its broad, light-colored thorns run together along the leaf margins and resemble shark's teeth. This plant forms open rosettes to 3 feet tall by 4 feet wide with relatively pale grey-green sword shaped leaves. Native to the Sierra Madre Oriental and in several other Mexican desert regions where it grows at 3000' on limestone slopes. Agave xylocantha requires excellent drainage but is otherwise easy to grow. Hardy to the low to mid 20's °F.

Agave xylonacantha coming soon!


Aloe comptonii

Aloe comptonii is a moderately-sized (the largest of the species), compact, South African aloe known for its growth habit of spreading along the ground via horizontal, sprawling stems, sometimes retaining a lot of leaves giving the rosettes a curious stacked look. The attractive turquoise foliage and the spreading habit of Aloe comptonii make it an interesting choice for a ground cover. Hardy to the mid 20's °F.

Aloe comptonii for sale soon!


Aloe ferox

Aloe ferox seedling for sale Spring 2023

Aloe ferox (Cape Aloe) from South Africa is a tall, single-stemmed aloe, that can grow up to 10 feet in height with a dense rosette of blue-green, lance-shaped leaves. This Aloe displays flowers atop a large candelabra-like inflorescence. There are usually between five and eight branches, each carrying a spike-like head of many flowers. The foliage on this plant is hardy to at least 20° F but the winter flowers can be damaged at 24° F.

Aloe ferox for sale Spring 2023


Aloe marlothii

Aloe marlothii, native to South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana, and Mozambique, is one of the larger and more impressive Aloes. It is single-stemmed, and can grow up to a tree-like 15 feet tall. This striking species of aloe has an especially large robust head of stiff, grey-green leaves. The mountain aloe is without doubt one of southern Africa's most rewarding aloes to grow. Hardy to 20° F.

Aloe marlothii for sale soon!


Aloe microstigma

Aloe microstigma is a very attractive and relatively common South African species with lots of speckles of leaves and wonderful leaf as well as flower colors. One of the most floriferous Aloes in South Africa, Aloe microstigma is a medium size, easy, relatively fast growing plant, tolerating summer watering and some shade, as well as poor soils. Hardy to the low 20s °F.

Aloe microstigma for sale soon!


Aloe vanbalinii

Aloe vanbalenii is one of the most beautiful and distinctive aloes, with its long, twisted and recurved leaves resembling an octopus. This striking Aloe is a medium to large sized South African species that stays relatively low to the ground and forms clumps of stemless rosettes about 3 feet wide. This plant can take light frosts to 25° F. briefly but flower spikes will be damaged below 32°F. Mild leaf damage occurs at about 27F.

Aloe vanbalenii for sale Spring 2023!


Aloe wickensii

Aloe wickensii

This plant is one of the most beautiful and showy of the South African species of Aloe. Aloe wickensii has solitary, stemless rosettes densely packed with upright, curved smooth turquoisey-grey leaves with small sharp reddish-brown spines along the margins. A very attractive and unique Aloe with spectacular display of bi-colored blooms when in full flower. Hardy to 20°F.

Aloe wickensii for sale Spring 2023!


Aloe striata

Aloe striata (Coral Aloe) seedling

Aloe striata (common name 'Coral Aloe') is a small, stemless South African Aloe species. This plant is a beautiful succulent up to 18 inches tall and up to 2 feet wide, with rosettes of a few flat, broad, pale gray-green leaves that vary in color depending on the amount of sunlight.

Aloe striata for sale Spring 2023!


Manfreda maculosa

Manfreda "leopard spot" seedling

Manfreda maculosa is a stunning deciduous succulent perennial in both foliage and flower. A native of South Texas with low growing, fleshy rosettes of succulent blue-green toothed leaves with maroon colored spots. The cream to greenish-white flowers appear atop 6 ft bloom spikes in late Spring.

4" Manfreda maculosa for sale Spring 2023!


Opuntia microdasys var. albospina 'White Bunny Ears'

Opuntia microdasys var. albospina 'White Bunny Ears'

Also known as 'Bunny Ears,' Opuntia microdasys var. albispina is a low-maintenance cactus which can grow up to 2 feet tall and 5 feet wide.
Make great ornamental houseplants because they have cute pads that are shaped like rabbit ears. “microdasys” is the Latin for “small and hairy”.

Opuntia microdasys albispina for sale Spring 2023


There are more plants on the way!

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