The San Marcos Growers Collection

San Marcos Growers is a wholesale nursery that has been shaping California's botanical landscape since 1979. Known for their dedication to cultivating plants suited for Mediterranean climates, they offer a diverse selection of California natives, exotic succulents, and more. While San Marcos Growers doesn't sell directly to the public, we're bringing a portion of their collection of hard-to-find Aloes straight to you. Be sure to get a few of your favorites before they're gone.

Here's what's in this special shipment from San Marcos Growers:


Aloe albiflora in bloom showing delicate white flowers

Aloe albiflora (1ga)
Aloe albiflora, also known as White-flowered Aloe, is a petite, stemless succulent forming small clusters. Its narrow, dark green leaves, marked with white spots and fringed with tiny teeth, create an eye-catching texture. In favorable conditions, it blooms year-round, with bell-shaped, translucent white flowers tinged with pink. Buy Aloe albiflora Now


Mature Aloe barberae trees in landscape
Aloe barberae (5ga)
Aloe barberae, also known as Aloe bainesii, is a majestic tree Aloe that can reach heights of over 30 feet. Its thick, mottled gray stems give rise to rosettes of dark green leaves. In late winter, rose-pink flowers bloom above the foliage. Drought-tolerant and hardy, it's perfect for Mediterranean climates. Originating from southern Africa, it's ideal for succulent gardens and can thrive in large containers. Buy Aloe barberae Now


Aloe capitata var. quarziticola planted in garden
Aloe capitata var. quarziticola (1ga)
Aloe capitata var. quartziticola has Compact, stemless rosette with 2" wide, blushed gray-green leaves, edged in red with small brown teeth. Mid-winter brings 3' tall inflorescences topped with orange-yellow bell-shaped flowers. Hardy to 25°F, thrives in well-drained soil under full to part sun. Originates from Madagascar's Central Highlands on quartzite soils. Buy Aloe capitata quartzicola Now


Buy Aloe Carpinteria "Gem"
Aloe 'Carpinteria Gem' (3ga)
A robust, branching shrub reaching 4-5 feet tall and 6-8 feet wide. Its gray-green leaves arch gracefully, adorned with pale teeth along the edges. In late winter to mid-spring, enjoy its striking two-toned flowers in tall racemes. Thrives in full sun to light shade, well-drained soil, and requires minimal watering. Hardy to at least 25°F, proven resilient even in freezing conditions. This exceptional hybrid, possibly a cross between Aloe lutescens and Aloe arborescens, is named in tribute to Carpinteria, California. Buy Aloe "Carpinteria Gem"  Now


Aloe "Hellskloof Bells"
Aloe 'Hellskloof Bells' (2ga)

Reaching about 2 feet tall. Its lanceolate gray-green leaves turn maroon in sunlight, complementing pendent tubular flowers transitioning from pink to soft pastel orange. Hardy to 20°F, it thrives in well-drained soil in full sun to light shade. Hybridized by Brian Kemble in 1991, it combines the beauty of Aloe pearsonii from South Africa's Richtersveld with the resilience of Aloe mitriformis from the Western Cape. Ideal for garden beds or potted displays. Buy Aloe "Hellskloof Bells" Now


Aloe inermis in pot
Aloe inermis (2ga)
Also known as Toothless Aloe, is a compact shrub forming clumps up to 2 feet tall. Its slender, curved olive-green leaves lack teeth along the margins. In fall to winter, it produces tall branching inflorescences with salmon-red buds opening to cream-striped petals. Native to western Yemen, it thrives in full sun and well-drained soil, enduring drought and temperatures down to 25°F. This unique Aloe, devoid of sharp appendages, makes an attractive addition to gardens or containers. Its Latin epithet, "inermis," translates to "unarmed," reflecting its smooth leaf edges. Buy Aloe inermis Now


Buy Aloe Lukeana

Aloe lukeana (5ga)
Also known as Luke's Aloe, boasts a striking solitary growth habit with a rosette spanning 3-4 feet wide. Its dark green leaves, measuring 2 feet long by 4 to 5 inches wide, feature large, evenly spaced light-colored teeth. This plant produces red to orange flowers in late summer, emerging from erect conical racemes atop a multi-branched inflorescence rising just above the foliage. While cultural information is limited due to its novelty in cultivation, it thrives in full to part sun with occasional to infrequent irrigation. For pickup only. Buy Aloe lukeana Now


Aloe rupestris in bloom
Aloe rupestris (5ga)

Commonly known as Bottlebrush Aloe, exhibits moderate growth with offsetting shrubby forms in cultivation, reaching up to 8 feet tall. Its smooth, deeply channeled leaves boast reddish-brown teeth along the margins. In late winter, it flaunts stunning candelabra-like inflorescences with bright yellow buds bursting into orange-red stamens. Hardy to 25°F, this South African native thrives in full sun with occasional to regular irrigation. Its resemblance to Banksia flowers during bloom makes it a standout choice for any garden. Native to rocky habitats, it adapts well to well-draining soils, showcasing resilience and beauty year-round. Buy Aloe rupestris Now


Aloe succotrina
Aloe succotrina (5ga)

Also known as Table Mountain Aloe, forms dense clusters with short trunks, typically reaching 3 to 4 feet in height. Its rosettes boast upcurved, gray-green leaves adorned with white spots, margins, and teeth, often tinged with purple. In mid to late winter, vibrant orange-red flowers emerge on unbranched spikes, adding further allure. Thriving in California's Mediterranean climate, this resilient species requires minimal irrigation and fares well in full sun to light shade. Cold hardy down to 20°F, it showcases its beauty year-round, making it an excellent choice for gardens and containers alike. Native to the Western Cape's fynbos region, it flourishes in rocky habitats from Table Mountain slopes to coastal cliffs near Hermanus. Buy Aloe succotrina Now


Aloe tororoana in the garden
Aloe tororoana (2ga)
Also known as the Tororo Rock Aloe, this petite clustering aloe reaches about a foot in height. Its light blue-green leaves, adorned with white spots underneath, form open rosettes with prominent teeth along the edges. Freely flowering from early fall to winter, it produces glossy, red-orange blossoms on slender, upright racemes up to 18 inches tall. Originates from the Tororo district in southeastern Uganda. Buy Aloe tororoana Now


Buy Aloe "Verity Nice"
Aloe 'Verity Nice' (2ga)

A compact clustering succulent, reaching 12-18 inches tall. Its lance-shaped green leaves feature decorative zigzagging horizontal bands of spots, reddish-brown toothed margins, and red highlights in full sun. It produces bright yellow flowers on 2-foot tall branched inflorescences throughout the year. Hardy to temperatures as low as 25°F, it thrives in well-drained soil in full sun to light shade. Developed from a cross between Aloe sinkatana and Aloe peckii, this cultivar, named to honor its breeder, boasts year-round attractiveness with its spotted foliage. Buy Aloe 'Verity Nice' Now


Aloe tongenensis "Medusa"

Aloe tongaenesis 'Medusa' (7ga)

 A medium-sized tree aloe reaching heights of over 9 feet. It features slender, pale green leaves that may turn orange in California's warmer months. Its flowering stem emerges in late fall to early winter, showcasing clusters of pale orange buds that bloom into salmon-colored flowers. This variety, technically a form of Aloe barberae, has been affectionately named 'Medusa' by enthusiasts due to its distinct branching pattern and unique flower color. For pickup only. Buy Aloe tongaenesis 'Medusa' Now


Growing grounds are located in Halfmoon Bay, CA