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Agave pumila - 5in

Agave pumila - 5in

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Agave x pumila, known as Miniature Agave or Dwarf Century Plant, is a compact succulent from the Asparagaceae family, native to Mexico. This small, slow-growing rosette features short, smooth, stubby gray-green leaves in its juvenile form, with leaves that are deeply concave above and check-striped below, and weak marginal and terminal spines. These rosettes are only 2-4 inches across. As it matures over several years, it becomes a solitary rosette with pale, elongated leaves up to 16-18 inches, adorned with white leathery margins and a stout dark brown terminal spine, typically reaching 1-2 feet in height and width. Agave x pumila rarely blooms, and detailed information about its inflorescence is limited due to its infrequent flowering habits. Initially described by John Baker in 1888 from a specimen at the Royal Horticultural Gardens at Kew, it is believed to be a hybrid between Agave asperrima and Agave nickelsiae, described by Howard Scott Gentry in 1963 using a specimen from the Huntington Botanic Garden. Its exact natural origin remains uncertain, though it is speculated to be from Mexico. Agave x pumila thrives in full sun or light shade and requires well-drained soil with minimal irrigation. It is hardy, tolerating temperatures down to 20-25°F, and some reports suggest it can withstand temperatures as low as 10°F, making it suitable for USDA zones 8 to 11. This agave is ideal for small spaces, rock gardens, and succulent collections due to its compact size and unique growth stages, and is also popular as a potted specimen for collectors. Its spines necessitate careful handling, but its compact size makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor settings.

Grown in a 5in pot and shipped "dry-root"


Current Height: 4 in

Container Size: 4in

USDA Zones: 8-11

Frost Tenderness: 23 °F

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