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Aloe castilloniae - 1ga

Aloe castilloniae - 1ga

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Aloe castilloniae, a diminutive succulent native to southwestern Madagascar, boasts a creeping, vine-like form, with stems sprawling from the base and clustering into dense rosettes. Each rosette comprises triangular, olive-green leaves, reaching lengths of up to 2.4 inches (6 cm) and widths of 0.6 inches (1.5 cm), adorned with red teeth along the edges and scattered red tubercles on both surfaces. These rosettes, numbering 30-40 leaves apiece, aggregate into expansive clusters, up to 1 meter in diameter. During fall and winter, Aloe castilloniae adorns itself with small, orange-red flowers, arranged in lax clusters atop unbranched stalks. Originating from the Plateau Mahafaly near Joffreville in southwestern Madagascar, this species thrives in porous calcareous sandstone cliffs, where it cascades in drooping rosettes, its stems meandering along the ground in sprawling colonies. Altitudinally, it flourishes between 100 to 250 meters above sea level. Cultivation in warm regions, either in containers or rock gardens, is straightforward, with a preference for well-drained, porous soil and intermittent watering. While it favors bright, indirect indoor light and dappled outdoor shade, it appreciates protection from scorching afternoon sun. Noteworthy for its tolerance to temperatures ranging between 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 30 degrees Celsius), Aloe castilloniae can be effortlessly propagated via seeds or stem cuttings. Ideal for rock gardens, dish gardens, or as a ground cover in arid locales, this species poses no threat to humans or pets, rendering it an appealing option for indoor cultivation. Described in 2006 by French botanist Jean-Benard Castillon, it pays tribute to his wife, Bernadette Castillon, an expert in Madagascan succulents. Coveted by collectors for its rarity, distinct foliage, and leisurely growth, Aloe castilloniae manifests in two forms: smooth-leaved and textured-leaved, with the latter predominating in cultivation.

This plant has been grown in a 1ga pot. These specimens are still young for the pot size. You will receive a very similar plant to the one in the picture. The plant is shipped "dry-root" (with out soil).

Current Height: 3 in

Container Size: 4in

USDA Zones: 10 - 11

Frost Tenderness: 35 °F

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