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Aloe petricola (Stone Aloe) - 2ga

Aloe petricola (Stone Aloe) - 2ga

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Aloe petricola is solitary, stemless, growing to 2 feet high and up to 3 feet wide which is native to South Africa. This Aloe has thick, stiff, non-bending pale blue-green leaves with sharp, widely spaced small reddish marginal teeth and an overall ball-like, rounded form.

Aloe petricola is very popular for gardening because of its beautiful and radiant colors. Aside from its simple upkeep, this aloe grows quite well in cultivation and looks outstanding either on its own or bunched in groups. The plant's striking and luminous red, yellow, green, and white colors stand out, while they add beauty and elegance to any garden. The rock aloe, true to its name, is perfect for rocky areas in the garden, producing beautiful bicolored flowers that will attract nectar-feeding birds to your garden. They are also well suited to sloping banks and even in containers. Planting them in groups make for a spectacular sight when they are in full bloom. These plants are full sun aloes and are excellently adapted to very hot climates.

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This plant has been grown in a 2ga pot. You will receive a very similar plant to the one in the picture. The plant is shipped "dry root" (without dirt).

Current Height: 8 in

Container Size: 2ga

USDA Zones: 9b - 11

Frost Tenderness: 25 °F

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