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Gasteria glauca- 2in

Gasteria glauca- 2in

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Gasteria glauca, commonly known as Kouga River Gasteria, is a succulent native to the Eastern Cape, South Africa, belonging to the Asphodelaceae family. Recognized for its distinctive "gastric" flowers, it boasts thick, bluish-green leaves forming dense rosettes. Initially arranged distichously in young plants, the leaves gradually cluster as they mature, featuring a tongue-like appearance tapering to a sharp tip. Unlike other Gasteria species, its growth habit progresses horizontally rather than in circular rosettes. Enclosed in filaments, its inflorescence bears long, spirally-arranged stamens, with flowers ranging from pink to reddish-pink at the base and greenish-yellow at the tips. Indigenous to cliffs and rocky hillsides above the Kouga River, it thrives in cool sun or light shade, with low water requirements, making it relatively easy to cultivate. Best suited for smaller containers, it flourishes in bright light conditions, showcasing vibrant foliage colors. With careful irrigation and avoidance of over-watering, especially in colder months, it can withstand temperatures as low as 25°F. Kouga River Gasteria blooms with pendulous tubular flowers in spring, attracting various pollinators and contributing to its ornamental value. Propagation via offsets or seeds offers opportunities for expanding plant populations, making it a favored choice among succulent enthusiasts.

Current Height: 2 in

Container Size: 2in

USDA Zones: 9b-11

Frost Tenderness: 25 °F

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