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Puya coerulea - 2in

Puya coerulea - 2in

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Puya coerulea var. coerulea, also known as Silver Puya or Pink Torch Puya, is a succulent from the Bromeliaceae family, native to Chile. This large, rosette-forming plant is valued for its silver-white foliage and dark blue-purple flowers, thriving in arid environments and adding a distinctive silvery hue to gardens. Silver Puya forms a large rosette that can reach 2-3 feet tall and spread 6-8 feet wide. The narrow, slightly recurved leaves have sharp teeth along the margins and are silver-white due to powdery trichomes. In late spring and summer, it produces silvery spikes bearing dark blue-purple flowers with orange anthers, creating a vibrant display. Native to central Chile, it grows on rocky outcrops in semiarid areas between 1,600 and 6,500 feet in elevation. The genus name "Puya" is derived from the Chilean term for Puya chilensis, and "coerulea" refers to the dark blue flowers. This plant has been in Southern California since the mid-1960s and was correctly identified by Puya specialist Rachel Schmidt Jabaily. Silver Puya thrives in full sun with low water needs, ideal for coastal gardens with well-drained soil. It is hardy down to 18°F but prefers to be kept dry during cold weather. In warmer regions, mid-day shade can be beneficial. It is slow-growing, taking 4-5 years to flower, and can be grown in large pots for easier winter protection. Suitable for USDA zones 9 to 11, it is hardy to 20-25°F, with mature plants surviving down to 18°F if kept dry. This plant is excellent for xeriscapes, rock gardens, and succulent collections due to its silver foliage and vibrant flower spikes. It should be planted away from high-traffic areas due to its sharp leaves and also makes an excellent container plant for easier protection in colder climates.

Current Height: 2 in

Container Size: 2in

USDA Zones: 9-11

Frost Tenderness: 23 °F

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