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Agave "Red Margin" - 6in

Agave "Red Margin" - 6in

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Similar in appearance to Agave 'Blue Flame,' or Agave 'Blue Glow,' this very attractive species exhibits smooth, lanceolate, toothless, silver-green leaves with red margins. It is a slow-growing plant that typically forms a rosette of thick, fleshy leaves that are blue-green in color with a red border. Agave "Red Margin" is a sun-loving plant that prefers well-draining soil and low watering needs. It is cold hardy and can survive temperatures down to 20°F. The plant is popular for use in desert gardens and rock gardens, as well as for container gardens.

Some of the images shown here are mature specimens and not the 6 inch potted plant that will be shipped.

Grown in a 6 inch pot and shipped "dry-root".

Current Height: 10 in

Container Size: 1ga

USDA Zones: 9b - 11

Frost Tenderness: 20 °F

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