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Aloe alooides - 15ga

Aloe alooides - 15ga

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Aloe alooides, also known as graskop aloe, is a single-stemmed tree native to coastal South Africa. Its unbranched stem can reach up to 7ft tall and is covered in long, curved leaves with reddish-brown teeth. Leaves are usually green but may be tinged with red during times of drought. These nearly thornless leaves are strongly curved, sometimes even touching the stem. When in bloom, the plant displays 3ft tall floral spikes of yellow-green buds that mature to orange-brown. In peak season, up to five single racemes of small, bell-shaped flowers can be seen from the rosette of a flourishing aloe alooides.


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Current Height: 18 in

Container Size: 15ga

USDA Zones: 9b-10

Frost Tenderness: 32 °F

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