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Aloe comosa - 1ga

Aloe comosa - 1ga

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Aloe comosa, commonly known as Clanwilliam Aloe, is a striking succulent native to South Africa's Western Cape province, belonging to the Asphodelaceae family. Recognized for its single-stemmed growth, it can reach heights exceeding 6.5 feet, showcasing distinctive blue-green leaves adorned with small red-brown thorns along the margins. Emitting from a single stem, its leaves can extend up to 24-28 inches in length. During the hottest and driest periods of the year, typically in November and December in the Southern Hemisphere, Aloe comosa produces erect inflorescences, with ivory-pink flowers occasionally tinged with deep pink. Endemic to a small region in the northwestern part of the Western Cape province, particularly around the Olifants River Valley and the Ceres Karoo's sheltered kloofs, it thrives in dry, rocky habitats, often growing alongside other succulent species like Cotyledon orbiculata. Resilient to extreme heat, withstanding temperatures above 104°F, and mild winter conditions down to 30°F, it flourishes under various climatic conditions when planted in well-drained, sandy-gritty soil with adequate water but without overwatering. Cultivation primarily involves seed propagation, as Aloe comosa rarely produces offsets. Seedlings require careful attention to prevent damping off, a fungal disease, and once established, respond well to organic feeding. Serving as a stunning addition to aloe or water-wise gardens, it plays a vital ecological role as a pollinator attractant, mainly for bees. However, its rarity status is attributed to habitat destruction, limited distribution, and illegal plant collection, highlighting the need for conservation efforts.

This plant was sourced from the IAS

This plant is growing in a 2 gallon pot. You will receive a very similar plant to the one in the picture. The plant is shipped "dry root" (without soil).



Current Height: 10 in

Container Size: 1ga

USDA Zones: 10a - 11

Frost Tenderness: 30 °F

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