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Aloe pluridens - 15ga

Aloe pluridens - 15ga

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Aloe pluridens, also known as the French Aloe, is a graceful, slender tree aloe native to South Africa. It is an ideal plant for coastal gardens, usually reaching up to 15 feet and forming large, spiral-shaped rosettes. Its light-green leaves are thin and gently curved, forming a symmetrical pattern. The upper part of the stem displays the papery remains of the previous leaves, while the lower part becomes smooth and bare. It can be single-stemmed or produce multiple branches, and sometimes bear tiny plantlets. It has a similar silhouette to small palm trees, with long, thin stems and many leaves.

These plants have been grown in 15ga nursery pots, out of doors for a few yrs and done well in temps ranging from 32f - 106f. Will be shipped "dryroot" (dirt washed from roots)

Contact us if you would rather pickup this plant and save money on shipping.

Current Height: 36 in

Container Size: 15ga

USDA Zones: 9b-11

Frost Tenderness: 32 °F

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