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Grevillea "Ned Kelly" - 1ga

Grevillea "Ned Kelly" - 1ga

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The Grevillea 'Ned Kelly' is a stunning and versatile plant that will add a touch of elegance to any garden. This Australian native shrub is a cultivar of the Grevillea genus, known for its delicate foliage and striking flowers.

One of the practical uses of the Grevillea 'Ned Kelly' is as a specimen plant, as it can reach an expected height of 2-4 feet when mature. It is also perfect for adding color and texture to mixed borders and container gardens. Its unique aesthetic qualities include its deep red and orange flowers that appear in the spring and summer, which will make an attractive focal point in any garden.

This plant is also compatible with succulents, making it an excellent option for drought-tolerant gardens. It is cold-hardy and can tolerate temperatures as low as 20°F, making it suitable for gardens in USDA zones 8-10.

The Grevillea 'Ned Kelly' was named after the notorious Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, who was known for his distinctive helmet. This plant was developed in the early 2000s in Australia, where it quickly became a popular garden plant due to its striking flowers and hardiness.

Current Height: 12 in

Container Size: 1ga

USDA Zones: 8 - 10

Frost Tenderness: 20 °F

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